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So, life got in the way for a while there.  It's probably still in the way a bit, but I'm going to push through it.  I got locked out of this account for a long while because the password recovery options that I set up went to an email that I forgot I had.  That's a mistake I won't make again.  :)

I don't have a lot of new material, but I'm editing some older material, and starting to work on Carli and Susan's story again, and Carli and Reed's.  I'll be posting some of that here over the coming weeks. 

Stay tuned, and let me know what you want to read more of.  :)


2014 Resolutions

It's been a while since I posted.  Life got a little out of hand for a bit.  But among my resolutions for 2014 are Simplify My Life and Write More.  :)  So here I am again.

The simplifying process will take a bit of time.  The write more doesn't have to.  So expect - in the beginning - to find at least one blog post a week with a new scene or description from my writing.  If you don't see it, leave me a comment to "bug" me.  Oh, and if anyone has some great links to story starters or writing prompts, please remember, Sharing is Caring!  :)

Off to work on the first writing post of the new year now.  Look for it within the week...

Moira's ADULT fiction blog

Just a quick note to all.  To keep this page PG-rated, I have moved my erotic fiction to this blog.

Feel free to check it out if you'd like (and IF you're over 18), but be warned.  Anything goes on that page!  :)

Writer's Market

Duotrope's Digest: search for short fiction & poetry markets

Just a little something if you're looking for somewhere to sell your fiction.  :)

Sneak Peak into Book One

I've been working on editing the first draft of my novel.  This particular part hasn't been edited yet, so take it with a grain of salt... but I thought I'd introduce you to the characters of the series.  :)

      The phone rang once, and his deep baritone filled the line. “Cade Construction – oh, hi Becca. How are you today?”
      A smile filled her face, and it grew warm as she noticed that Zoe was watching her with a knowing look. “Doing great, thanks. We just closed on the property.”
      “All done signing your life away, then?” Levi chuckled, remembering purchasing his own land.
      “Yep, all done. So, I just wanted to confirm that we're still meeting at the property? The other investors will be headed out there in a few minutes.”
      “I'm already here, walking the property with our utility guys. Everyone is ready to get started, as soon as you give the word.”
      Becca sighed with pleasure. “It would be wonderfully satisfying to just say 'word' right now. But I'd just as soon wait until everyone is there, and we've all walked through everything together. So hopefully I'll be giving you the word this afternoon.” She laughed.
      “I'll be waiting, and ready.” The timbre of his voice reflected amusement. He hoped it didn't reflect anything more than amusement, although he heard it himself. He wanted her. Naked. In his bed. Underneath him. He could almost feel what it would be like to touch her, to watch her go over that edge the first time. He shook his head, noticed that his hand was trembling, and he needed to get his breathing under control. He was acting like a randy teenager who couldn't control his hormones. Disgusted, he put formality in his voice. “We'll see you soon, Becca.”
      She caught the stiffened tone, and wondered at the cause of it. “OK, thanks, Levi. See you in a bit.” Confused, she hung up, and caught Zoe again staring at her.
      “He wants you, and he doesn't want to want you. You do know that, right?” Zoe asked in her typical blunt style.
      “Hmmmmm....” was Becca's noncommittal reply.
      Zoe rolled her eyes at her best friend. “Whatever. You know I'm right.”
      Their arrival at the campground saved Becca from any reply. The girls changed clothes and were headed back out the door in just minutes. As soon as they pulled into the drive at the property, Becca saw Levi at his truck. She studied him with a critical eye, and knew Zoe was doing the same. A grin broke out on her face at Zoe's low whistle of approval as she braked to a stop and shifted into Park.
      “Girlfriend, if you don't take him, I'm gonna.”
      Fire flashed in Becca's eyes as she whipped her eyes to Zoe's. She'd been had. She knew it even before she saw her friend's unrepentant grin. But there it was, about to split her face. Becca rolled her eyes on a heavy sigh, and turned to get out of the truck.
      The other girls arrived just behind them, and came to stand in a loose circle. Stepping into the middle of the circle, she drew Levi next to her. “Everyone, this is Levi Cade with Cade Contracting. He'll be handling all of the construction on our project.” 
     Turning to Levi, she said, “Levi, please allow me to introduce you to Eostara Partnership, Ltd.”
     Motioning to her best friend, she said, “This is Zoe. She's a Family Practitioner, Doula and herbalist. She'll be our doctor in residence once we're up and running. She's also my best friend. Usually.” She shot Zoe a warning look, and they both grinned.
      “Next, we have Carly. Carly is a CPA and our treasurer. She'll handle all financial issues, loan paperwork, and such. If there's any problems on that end, Carly is my go-to girl. She'll hang a shingle out when we're all set up and going.” Carly smiled and let out a self-conscious wave.
      “This is Alyssa. She's our IT guru, and is in charge of all things technically and web-oriented. She'll be providing wifi access through the site as well. She'll also run our worship center and daycare center. She's a homeschooling mom, and will provide a homeschool coop, too.” Alyssa smiled and nodded a greeting.
      “JJ is a very talented tarot card reader. She'll be setting up shop here, too. If you want to know what's in your cards, she's your girl. She also makes amazing clothes and crafts, and I'm trying to convince her to open a shop for her crafts, too.” JJ gave Becca a severe look, then turned to Levi and nodded regally in response.
      “Shannyn will be in charge of our RV park and equestrian center. She's an event planner, and will handle all retreats and conferences that may take place in our community.” Shannyn smiled and lifted her hand in a small wave.
      “And last, but certainly not least, as none of us can do without her, is Angelina. Angelina is the only one out of all of us that has the gift of growing things. She'll be in charge of our community garden and agricultural areas.” Angelina blushed and nodded her head.
      “So, now that I've completely overwhelmed you...” she grinned, knowing it was true. The look on his face said it all. Stepping toward him, she whispered conspiratorially, “Don't worry, there won't be a quiz.” Clearing her throat on a laugh, she stepped back again to include everyone. “We all play a very important part in our community, and we'll all be moving out here over the coming year or so. We'll try very hard to stay out of your way, while still doing everything we need to, to get set up and going.”


     No man could be resistant to the allure of working with these beautiful women, Levi considered. What Becca had obviously mistaken for concern at remembering names had really been simple shock at being surrounded by such extraordinarily beautiful, incredibly powerful women. He wondered slightly at his thought of the word powerful, but he didn't discount his instincts. He couldn't put his finger on it. But these women were not ordinary, in any sense of the word.


I've introduced you to my friends now... so tell me what you think of them!  I can't wait to tell their stories...  each of them is unique in their own right.

My current work in progress

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Just out of curiosity, I analyzed the last four pages of my current WIP.  Now *this* is an author I've read quite a bit of!!!  :)  And I'm incredibly flattered that it thinks I write like him.  Now if only I could have his type of success, I'd be one very very happy camper!  :P

I write like...

I write like
Jack London
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Hmmm... maybe I should read some Jack London? :)